greenmatrix.gif"I don't even know where to begin..."
One of the largest hurdles to overcome when leveraging technology into your classroom is taking that first step. There are an overwhelmingly large number of options available, and new options are surfacing all the time. So, to help you get started, I will share with you my grandmother's response to the question, "how do you eat an elephant?"

Elephant.gif" bite at a time."
Don't be afraid to start small. Find a tasty bite or two from the menu on the left that you think you can chew. Then, take your time with that handful of ingredients and learn to use them well. As you know from your teaching, less is often more when starting on a new journey. Over time, you will hopefully find that the benefit of these tools are worth the cost of exploring, learning and using them in your classroom.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to drop me a line at any point in your meal!


DISCLAIMER: As you navigate this site, you might question the "simplicity" of the visual's entirely intentional. Just like in your classroom, you know more can often be less. There aren't any huge, flashing buttons, crowded tables, overwhelming animated images, neon orange menus, embedded music, Glog pages, or indexes that won't fit on a single screen. It's known in advertising that a driver can effectively process only seven words on a roadside billboard before moving on, which is why all the lists on this wikispace include seven items...

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