OK, now for a bit of texture...Tell me what else you think would taste good here!
BUT...don't even think of picking up that plate until you have at least walked past the copyright counter.

Mind maps are nothing new to you...however mind maps like these or these might be. A smaller mind-map bite is Exploratree. Brainstorming like you have never seen it with Bubbl.us...instantly develop, save and share the outcome. For a quick and easy brainstorming page or mind map, there's always Google Drawing (part of Google Docs). Also, cacoo has a real easy learning curve. And, this one's easy to play with for fast mind-mapping! Wisemapping is here!

Explore the ridiculous volume of tools Google provides, what you can do with them and the educational possibilities they hold for you (with a cool demo here and a video here)! Calendars are excellent to use to embed in your wiki to help your students plan. Forms are an amazing way to collect information (short video here) and if you want to go crazy, it can grade tests for you too. Tons (seventy-one, to be exact) of ideas for classroom form use here. Don't have the time to make your own...use one of theseforms instead! If you have never played with Google Earth, check out this video and start thinking about how you might be able to use this tool in your classroom like these examples. If you are ready to do more with Google Earth, check out this wiki and this one as well!

With Photostory, you can put your photos to music, add your own text, and like magic you have created your own multimedia story! Video tutorial here and online guidance here. Also for your use is this document. For a little step up, try Animoto to create your own music videos (be sure to apply for their "education" edition here as opposed to their standard free version). JayCut lets you work with short video segments and edit them online like Windows Movie Maker but without platform issues as it's a web-based tool.

Flash cards but without the paper! You can create them for your students, use sets that other teachers have created, and the students can make their own as well. Check this tool out here. They recently added text-to-speech audio capabilities in 18 languages!

Virtual online public bulletin board creator that can be filled with virtual "post-its" by you and your students for so many things! Neat way to share websites with students and parents. Depending on your settings, it can even be used by parents as a site for leaving encouraging notes for students.

Class Dojois a "real-time behavior management" application. You could use it for an entire class or as part of an individual student's behavior plan: “Improve student behavior and engagement by awarding and recording real-time feedback. Print or email beautiful behavior reports to easily engage parents and staff. Save time by recording behaviors and accomplishments right in class, with just one click.”

The tune, "Video killed the radio star," (sorry if you are too young to remember this song) is what I started humming the second I discovered this tool. Really, once you play around with Prezi, PowerPoint is dead. Wouldn't you rather present or have your students create something like this? Don't sign up for their standard free version, get the beefed-up education version for free. Check out all of my Prezis here. It's a steeper learning curve than PowerPoint, but worth it! They do offer you a nice help menu. And this is my Prezi workshop presentation. Time-crunch and want to just use someone else's Prezi? Go to their "Prezi U" with a library full of premade Prezis!

Still hungry for some "solid dishes?" See below:

More for your own classroom management, but so much better than a physical "sign-up" sheet!
Well, not really, but imagine what projects your students could create with this tool!
Now that your wiki is all set up...see how to instantly change the language on the page to help your students (or their parents), thanks to Google Translate (try it below...keep in mind that sometimes the visual layout gets a bit changed as well depending on how you formatted your page!)

"ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books. Using ZooBurst, storytellers of any age can create their own rich worlds in which their stories can come to life. ZooBurst books 'live' online and can be experienced using nothing more than a web browser running the Adobe Flash plug-in. Authors can arrange characters and props within a 3D world that can be customized using uploaded artwork or items found in a built-in database of over 10,000 free images and materials."

Ready for some even bigger bites? Help yourself to some gourmet food!