Nothing like some soft food to get things started...Tell me what else you think might taste good here!
BUT...don't even think of picking up that plate until you have started to create your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

No more chalk! Still haven't embraced all that your InterWrite board (and software, as it's not just a fancy monitor touchpad on your wall) can do? Start right away with one of their pre-made lessons! It will be addictive for you and your students once you get rolling...and it will make your life incredibly easier next year. A copy of my InterWrite workshop/presentation is here. Here are some tutorials from InterWrite Learning....and here's what NOT to do. Here are some great resources I have compiled to help you use this tool (InterWrite or SmartBoard) in your classroom as well as implementation tips. Check here if you are looking for some help with the awesome built-in "gallery." Using a SmartBoard? Here are some extra resources and support specifically for you!

WIKISPACE (introduction & tips)
Never has there been a time where it is so easy to create your own presence on the web! If you haven't yet developed a wikispace for your team, class, or club, now is the time to set up an account. Then, check out my "getting started" resource, this introduction, take their video tour or go right to a nice set of video tutorials here. Editing basics here and more video tours. If you need help, their help page is here. When you are ready to take the leap to go further or jump into online classroom discussions, your wiki can do that as well! Want to get fancy? Check out this and this. Wikispace recently added a "projects" feature which allows for easier student online work and collaboration, check it out here.

GOOGLE DOCS (now called Google Drive)
Your "network drive" is now anywhere you are...and on top of that, there is the potential of collaboration that was impossible before technology. Google Docs basics are here. Now that you have your school-only account set up (you did already, didn't you?) ask your students to create a school-only account from home as well if they are 13 or older (why the age minimum?).

Get your visuals out to the world with Slideshare, an easy way to embed PowerPoint documents into your wikispace or other online presence.

There is a ton of data at your fingertips that someone (somewhere) entered to be delivered right to your classroom. Why not use it to better help your students? Performance Tracker is available through a direct link in e-School+ thanks to Peter Velocci! To help you get started, here is a link to a PowerPoint tutorial and you can also check out a video tutorial that I created here. PVAAS can be accessed here and supporting resources are coming soon.

You have seen those pink revolving circles everywhere's time to start making your own Glogs! Check out this video as well as this informational wiki and this slideshow...and then set up your account!

DELICIOUS or SYMBALOO (if you want a step up, try DIIGO)
At this point, "my favorites" on your internet browser doesn't cut it for you or your students. With, you can warehouse and organize all of your great bookmarks online, then "tag" them for easy retrieval and even share them with whoever you want or check out bookmarks of people with similar interests (here are my bookmarks to share with you, will you share yours with me...and each other?) Check out this video and then get started here. Come back to these tips once you get rolling. Symbaloo is a more visual (and simpler) system which allows you to organize your digital resources in a cute "app-like" environment that we are all now so familiar with. As more and more student work becomes web-based, this site could potentially serve to house an online digital portfolio...I'm playing around with Symbaloo here! Oh, and here's Diigoif you want to take your bookmarks to the next level. It's like an online officespace, they call it a "cloud-based personal management system." Here are some videos & tutorials to give you an idea of what DIIGO is all about. After you create your account, make sure to sign up for the free educational upgrade for more features.

OK...craving one more taste?

Make free timelines easily with xtimeline. Check out some other "infographic" resources here.

SNEFFLE an online collaborative "whiteboard"
Collaborate with others in real-time with Sneffle!

OK...ready for some bigger bites? Help yourself to some solid food!