newbloom.jpgBloom's taxonomy has a new look...and countless pages (on the web and on paper) have been devoted to the pegagogy of technology integration in education. However, in short, chew on the questions below while savoring the menu (image source & more here)


"Learning environments aren't revolutionized by installing a few cool gadgets here and there. Far more important is the educator's role in employing today's technologies..." ~ Joseph Cicero

what will students learn (content & skills)?

what strategies will help students acquire and integrate learning in this process (learning activities)?

what will provide evidence of student learning (formative & summative)?

which technology tools can aid in supporting the above three questions?

The template below is a great resource to help you formalize these questions in the development process. Included within this document is a link to a model/completed template to help.

The use of technology can be a powerful ingredient when added to "Project-Based Learning" (PBL) and/or "Era3 Learning" or "Challenge-Based Learning." Check out the video below from the Buck Institute for Education (if you want more helpings, their YouTube channel is here) Check out this blog if you want to dig right in! Even more PBL resources here from Edutopia. Specifically for you elementary school teachers, here you go! My friend, Philip Vinogradov (instructional technology coach in Centennial SD) created this awesome wiki as a resource for his staff with even more PBL resources!