Now we're cooking with some fancy ingredients...Tell me what else you think would taste good here!

It's time for authentic collaboration and social networking in your own online classroom space. Want to send assignments to the students and collect their work digitally? Want to enter your feedback and have it stored in their portfolio of work? Want to set up online collaboration groups and then let them share their work with the class? Want to send out private, secure, online alerts and hold virtual discussions either initiated by you or by your students looking for help? Check out this one-and-a-half minute video to find out more, and when you are "sold" check out an awesome 5-minute "commercial" with tons of ideas here. Edmodo's user's guide here and teacher-specific help here. Edmodo can also be part of your PLN as well as serve as your personal tech support desk. Check out their "communities" and join as many as you like that match your interests (i.e.: there's a Glogster community). NOTE: please use the EDMODO link here to enter UD's edmodo portal versus their general site, and before you sign up for a teacher account, please contact me for your school's code. Existing Edmodo users, please contact me for directions on how to migrate your account to our district's portal.

Just like Google (and you can use your Google login), their specialty is doing it all. Check out how you can use their notebook feature (and a video here). If you aren't yet ready for Edmodo, but want your students to be able to upload their electronic assignments and homework directly to your cloud, try Zoho's "creator"!

Looking for an online portfolio option? Your search is over. Here's an example of a binder chock-full of technology tools...what will you and your students put in yours?

Make your own easy to use! No account setup or login necessary. Can you imagine what your students can do with a tool that can let them do this? Check out their demo here. Need help with classroom application ideas, check here.

Check out my one-page resource list here for all things audio! For simple Podcasting, audio blogging or adding your voice to your wiki, try out Audioboo (max 5 minutes). Thirsting for something little fancier? Try Audacity with recording and sound editing features (see an Audacity glog here ). There's also Audiopal with a fun text-to-speech feature. Interested in audio IN instead of audio OUT? Check out this audio dropbox with how-to directions on the site. General podcasting tutorial here.

Ready to start your own blog or have your students blog (check out this video to see)? Try wordpress or edublogs and you guessed it, Google has one called blogger. Can you imagine the potential in "create a blog" as an assignment option? If you have them blog, it's probably not a bad idea to think about the idea of permission slips like this one, or this one or this one. For those at the elementary level, try Kidblog or Pencamp (Pencamp is not a blog platform, but it's a quick, basic, text-only, webpage the students or you can create with no account required). Penzu is also another simple to use online "journal."

What would it look like if you could read their minds during class? Check out this video to see. For the (inevitable) day that students will have permission/access to their cell phones in your classroom, there is Polleverywhere Until then, there's always Polldaddy for polls, (audience sees results live upon voting) quizzes and surveys (audience doesn't see results) you can embed in your other digital tools. Their support page is here (you only get 200 entries/month for free, after that you'll need a better plan). Fewer question options, but more poll responses with "Ask 500 People." (this could also solve some of those disagreements you and your spouse were having: "well, honey, 500 people across the globe agree with me and think I'm right..." then again, that's probably a real bad idea!). However, within 4 minutes after posting the question, "Should I use ask500people in my classroom," I had 13 responses and one comment. Curious where that vote is now? Oh, and if you are already using Edmodo, there's a built-in poll feature there as well (with all the "perks" of privacy and teacher control)! Oh, and another poll choice here.

Care for some other "gourmet dishes?" One day, these will make it to the menu:

TODAY'S MEET & TWITTER (and other "texting" options)
Simple, live Twitter-like microblogging in your classroom. Watch the videoto see for yourself what you might want to use this tool for. Some are even using Twitter itself in the classroom and have 100 ideas in which to use it! Don't believe me? This guy is doing it, check out the CNN video here! If you want an easy one-way texting option to send messages to your students, try "remind 101" or "ClassParrot."

Another dish to be filed under the category of "one day." Skype in the classroom or even a simple, free, no-download, and quick videoconferencing with Boostcam.

Use your mobile phone to scan this code below (to make your own, use this easy site to create an embed string, or this easy site to save/download the actual code image in a variety of formats). What will you do with this technology? This is what other educators are doing now. Need a QR reader for your mobile device? Try NeoReader, all you have to do is aim!

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