General maintenance tools for teachers...get these "under your belt" first. Oh, and if you haven't yet found a "system" of keeping track of all your different site login/password credentials, now is the time to do so! Remember as you create all these new accounts to use a strong password!

Wasting time looking for all those files you have collected and developed over the years? Before your network drive (and all that junk sitting on those teacher share drives) gets more difficult to navigate, check this out and take MY drive for a visual drive. Oh, and if it's already too late, here's how to find that lost file. Your network drive has a 1-gigabyte capacity (if you right-click on your drive it will show you how much space you have remaining), so while you are organizing, might as well purge the items you no longer need.

Better to play with it now than to try to figure it out while you (or your offspring) are vomiting all over the bathroom floor! Once you login, check out their online tutorials and my "tips" document previously distributed is here. If you want to go "old-school," here's the guide for using Aesop from your home phone.

Tired of asking your coworkers to forward you the e-mail you sent to them a month ago? Outlook e-mail application help here. Did you know that there is an "OOPS, I can't believe I just sent that" feature? Hey, while you are already in cleaning mode with your network drive, why don't you wipe down your Outlook mailboxes as well!

E-SCHOOL+ (office/discipline referral system & general tips) & IEP+
No more carbon-copy referral forms! Teacher reference document here. In addition to the referral system, do you know how much easier this software in general can make your day? Their help menu is very useful, but you can only open this help link if you are already logged into e-school+. Teach special education? Ask me how you can use IEP+ to run (almost) paperless IEP meetings if held in a location with the necessary technology. You'll save over 500 pieces of paper a year (add that up across the district and that's a lot of paper!). As of 9/21/11, you can have even more e-school fun (information from Peter Velocci): "iPhones, iPads, iPods, Blackberry, Smart phones and other Mobile/PDA devices with Web capabilities are now supported for eSchoolPLUS+ and Teacher Access Center. This limited version has benefits to staff for quick lookups of information including classes, attendance, schedules and emergency information. For example, information can be accessed during field trips and outdoor activities. The link to use is: https://start.spihost.net/mac/upp from your Mobile device. When prompted on your mobile device for security, use the same TAC/eSchoolPLUS+ User ID and Password and ignore the domain entry."

New version throwing you for a bit of a loop? Here's some help for Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Check out their clip art gallery and templates too! Have a student without Microsoft Office at home looking for a free alternative? Tell them about OpenOffice!

Why load down their backpacks? Most of our district's textbooks have an online component with bonus features that your students want. Here's how to get it to them! Your publisher not below? let me know! Oh, and it's just a matter of time before "online textbook" becomes an oxymoron...see for yourself here. Publishers: Glencoe, HRW, Harcourt, Pearson

The cloud is here! No need for an umbrella, but you definitely want to set up a school-only Google account. It is recommended that you use the same username as your school login username for your own memory and that of your students, who will be sending things your way from their Google account...and SO MUCH MORE! Their privacy statement is here.

Access can be found through our district website (direct link and resource guide not provided here for security). Contact me for the reference guide or if you need additional help.