copywrite.jpg Copyright questions for you to ponder:

How would you feel if a student handed you an assignment that wasn't his work...but called it his own?
What's the difference between public domain, fair use and intellectual property?

I can't answer that first question for you, but find out the answer to that second one here. Once you start digging in, it's important that you know the guidelines regarding the use, protection and sharing all of this online content you are feasting you can share it with your students!

In our digital, global world, the future of copyright is Creative Commons explained beautifully in this short video. Still want more? Here is the U.S. Copyright Office publication from the Library of Congress. And really? Who would think a video mash-up with cartoon characters about copyright laws could be so entertaining...

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And here's a novel educational twist: teach your students about the value of intellectual property by giving value to their intellecual property:

Complimentary side dishes of pubic domain media for you and your students: copyright-friendly images, photographs, music and audio are everywhere on the web, but let me slap some right on your plate for you, they are..
Just go to my bookmarks by clicking the logo above. Search for the tag, "copyright" and enjoy..if you find any that I should add, please let me know so we can all benefit!